Access Control & Intercoms

We offer a huge range of access control products, whether you are after a simple keypad or intercom to work in conjunction with your gate system or maybe you would like access control throughout your offices we have the solution. There are many different options and accessories you can add to your gate system like a gsm intercom, key pads, vehicle loop detectors or maglocks for extra security all of which will be fully compatible with whatever system we have supplied you.


Audio Intercom

An audio intercom is a great way to communicate from the gate to the house. These consist of a front panel usually fitted to the post or brick pillar by the gates with a call button and a built in keypad if required. In the house you would have a handset normally fixed to the wall which will ring when somebody pushes the call button at the front gate. You can then have a conversation with the caller and press a button to grant them access which will trigger your automatic gate.

Video Intercom

A video intercom has the same functions as the audio intercom but has the added benefit of allowing you to see the person at the gate via a small screen on the handset. Video intercoms come in black/white or colour but as technology moves on a lot of manufactures now only make colour versions.

GSM Intercom

The gsm intercom is now the most popular choice of intercom. These work just like a mobile phone, when the caller arrives at the property and presses the caller button it will ring a pre-programmed number I.e your house telephone. If this is not answered it can ring a 2nd number like your mobile phone. This gives you the ability to speak to the person and you can be anywhere in the world. Once you are satisfied with the identity of the caller you can let them in if you need to by pressing a number on your phone which will then open your automatic gate remotely.

Keypads and code locks


These are a simple but secure way of letting people you trust enter your property when you are out. For example you may give your family members or your gardener a code which when entered will trigger your gate to open allowing them to enter. We offer a range of different keypads from a hard resin plastic to stainless steel, all of them are external rated and some will have the option to be back lit illuminated.

Proximity readers

Proximity readers offer a great solution for busy entrances or doors. Ideal for hospitals, schools, offices or apartment blocks each user is given a programmed proximity fob which they present to the reader allowing them access through the door or automatic gate. These can easily be deleted off the system if the user loses there tag or if there access rights need changing.

Vehicle loop detector

This is a great way to trigger your automatic gates or barrier just by driving a car up to them. A small cable is cut into the driveway and taken back to the control panel, it then senses your vehicle as it approaches the gates and will open them automatically. As this is done by induction it won’t detect people on foot.  This option is very popular on domestic houses, carparks and barrier systems.

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