Automatic Gates

Having a set of gates fitted to your property will not only enhance the look of your home but it will also increase security. We offer a wide range of gate designs all made to suit your needs, whether that’s a swing gate or sliding gate. We can supply our gates with different types of finish from a spray or primer to galvanized and powder coated so you never have to worry about painting them again.


There are two main types of automatic gates. The first is swing gates and these are what you see mostly around the country. They are hinged at the post or pillar and will swing either away or towards your property. Swing gates are ideal if you have enough space allowing you to drive the car through and they can close automatically behind you.  There are different types of automation we can fit to your swing gates, from having the motor completely underground and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, too rams that are welded onto the gates themselves. We offer a free no obligation site survey, so we can advise which product best suits your requirements. To arrange a site visit please fill out our contact form or call our office on the number below.

The other type of gate is a sliding gate. If you haven’t got the room for a swing gate then a sliding gate might be more suited to your property. These can slide either from left to right and offer a very secure option when in the closed position. The sliding gate will have two wheels underneath it which are recessed into its frame. These will sit on a track that spans across the drive way and uses small guide wheels located on support post to stop it from tilting.  The operators use a pinion which meshes into the rack fixed to the bottom of the Sliding Gate. As the pinion turns, it drives the rack and moves the gate along its track. The robust and sturdy components in all of our sliding gate kits ensure longevity and reliability. Whether you require a domestic or commercial installation we will always have a kit suitable for any gates, even up to 8000KG!


The three main types of electric gate operators available are articulated actuators, ram gate openers and underground kits. All three of these types provide a different way of opening to suit any property.

Articulated and Ram Actuator Kits

Articulated arm gate openers use an elbow like action to operate the attached gate. These are ideal if you have a large brick pillar as the elbow reaches around the pillar and connects to the gates pulling them open.  Ram actuators have a cylindrical body and can be either hydraulic or electro mechanical. These come in different sizes so are perfect for residential gates or for gates in an area exposed to strong winds. We also provide hydraulic ram actuator kits to suit even the heaviest of gates.

Underground Gate Operators

These gate operators are the most popular type of gate automation as the unit itself is concealed in the ground thus not detracting from the elegant style of an ornate gate for example .There are two types of underground units, either electromechanical or hydraulic.  The only visible part is the small pivot arm which is attached to the underside of the gate. Underground gate kits are ideal for most designs of new and existing swing gates of openings up to 3.5 metres and 600KG per gate leaf.



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